Openrent/Rentguard referencing issue

I’ve just had a comprehensive report done by Rentguard through Openrent. I was suprised to see that one of the applicants had been declined, so had a close look at the report. I noticed some errors therein (applicant self-employed director but reported as employed with their accountant as employer!!) so called to speak to Rentguard. I informed them of the errors on the report and asked why the applicant had been declined. I was amazed to be told that it is Rentguard’s policy to deliver the report no later than 7 days after inception and that the applicant is declined if all information requested has not come in by that time.
There was no explanation or reference to this on the report.
I am wondering if Landlords (and tenants) should be made aware of this. How many potentially good prospective tenants have been declined on this basis without the landlord’s knowledge?
I was informed that the referencing proceedure was still on-going - again, rather surprising since judgement has seemingly been passed, and possible action may already have been taken.

Needless to say I am not happy with this and believe that Rentguard should highlight the reason for failure if it is due to their schedule not being met or the delayed return of information to them. After all, they may be declining perfectly acceptable applicants just because they or their referees/accountants were slow to get back. I have given Rentguard some feedback.
Has anyone else had the same experience or wish to comment? Has Openrent or Rentguard got anything to say abou this?


Yes I have had exactly that happen to me too on a potential tenant, everything else was perfect but they made an error on the income part then declined the reference applicant, bank statements proved that this tenant was more then able to afford the rent? They were supposed to recheck but I’ve not heard back from them this was over a week ago,
It’s abit unfair I think,

Sorry to hear that. Unfair on you and the prospective Tenant. How do you feel about the money you paid for the service? The fact that you’ve not heard back for over a week is worrying. Is the referencing process still on-going do you think? My concern is that once the report has been ‘delivered’ by rentguard (erroneous though it may be) that’s it: finished. I had recieved daily emails updating the reference progress… but nothing today - even though I was assured that it was on-going.
I have totally lost confidence in them. And Openrent email me to make a decision… based on what?
A report that I know to be wrong? Oh dear.
How are you proceeding, A116?

I don’t think they’re doing anything and the process is finished even though they’ve not confirmed it, like you said when the first reference process was going on I was informed step by step, since they sent the ‘so called’ completed report I’ve heard nothing,
I didn’t mind the fee they charged just wish they’d done it properly, everything else but that one part was fine, anyway I’m not expecting to hear back from them anytime soon so will be doing my own thing,

I will still be taking this tenant on as everything else is ok, I think it would be silly not to due to a error made whilst they were checking the wrong thing,

Seems sensible if you’re happy. However, I’m sure you’re aware that Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI) is not available to you if you want it (through Rentguard) unless you get a guarantor in place as well. Good luck to you.
I’ve had a response from Arnold at Openrent whosays he will chase Rentguard “to conduct the report in question again.” I await the results and hope for a speedy outcome.

I have major concerns with this referencing company. I got comprehensive referencing, it came back in six hours. Seems too quick for me.
My tenants are a couple. One passed fine and the other is self employed for two months. He doesn’t have an accountant as he sub contracts so a company pays him. He also won’t have a tax return yet but has a one month because hes only been self employed for two months. He failed because he couldn’t supply accountant and yearly tax return. I asked the company why he couldn’t show income in form of the month one and also bank statements.
The boy I spoke to on the phone was so rude and just said no not allowed. Also told me to spend another £20 on a guarantor. Yeah thanks for that!