Renting to a over sea tenants

Hi can anyone help and give some advice on renting to an overseas tenant .Its a family wanting to come to the uk for 6 mths

We once rented to people moving from Holland but they had Guernsey passports and were already staying in a holiday camp locally while they house hunted and they had a good job so it avoided all the problems. But things that have come up with other prospective tenants;

Far away people need somewhere to live too so it seems a shame to shun them all together.

Right to rent checks, done in person before they move in, are clearly an issue.

Its always tricky to rent a house to people you haven’t met and people who have not seen the house in person, if they get there and find they don’t actually like it they often spread their unhappiness around. This is hard on people from far away. Video chatting can help a bit.

If a house is not someones main residence then a standard lease can’t be used (according to advice we had) so openrents contract, and thus much of their system, can’t be used. It can be an annoyingly grey area, which house is someones main house? Openrent do not offer a non assured tenancy agreement.

Credit checking and references can be tricky though rent can be taken in advance. If they have a good job who will vouch for them that might help.

Good luck.