Replacing a sofa

You can get some very good nearly new sofas. So I can understand her thinking that she could get a good s/hand one. New lose value so fast , like a new car.

If she did that, but she didn’t even offer to buy one for the flat. I don’t understand. If we bin this one, she won’t have a sofa in the living room for the next tenants. I buy something not too expensive for us, it’s just my boyfriend and myself. I will need to keep it in mind that next time I can only go for unfurnished. I have quite a few furnitures. To be honest, I think it would be better if all landlords rented places unfurnished. It could save the hassle and negotiation.

you are right i only do unfurnished


You sound a landlords nightmare :roll_eyes:

Ok and why is that?? If a flat comes with a sofa and that sofa is already broken upon moving in, shouldn’t it be sorted out?

As a landlord, I am, like Colin 3 , often left with quite nice sofas that people can’t be bothered to take. Fortunately the next tenant has used them without complaint, but if they did, I would look on freecycle. . In our own house we have two lovely sofas for free, just had to borrow a van to pick them up. One of them was almost new, cost over a thousand pounds and spotless covers.
Also RSPCA shop has great sofas.
Help save waste by using some sofas that need a home, and leave it behind when you go…


How can I open a new topic? I don’t know … may situation is might be similar. There is no any heating radiators in a flat, not at all and a landlord doesn’t bother to put any. I asked her and even we agreed she would do some things in her flat after I moved in but now, she doesn’t care, doesn’t do anything and even doesn’t answer for any my calls, letters, texts. The toilet must be repairs either as its wobbling/moving. The flat is in a very poor condition. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly the landlord sent me eviction letter referred some items in the contract but didn’t explained anything for what. I assume I just annoyed her with a lot of complaints regarding her s…t property but for very expansive cost. So greedy, extremely greedy landlord!

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go to your local council housing officer and explain the situation

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You can contact Shelter as well, although they’re quite busy.

Only a court barrister is allowed to remove you from the property.

Your landlord is not allowed to illegally evict you herself. She cannot bar access or remove your belongings herself.

Your landlord is also required to meet certain standards. Talk to the council housing officer.

My son got a lovely sofa off freecycle, too.