Residential let to company (for its workers)


Building company approached me in relation to my residential property and asking if I can rent for their supervisors for the time of the project they will be working on in my town (contract will be signed under their LTD business). They will be paying 6 months in advance so rent is not an issue.

What contract is it the best to use?

What should I look for and be cautious about?

Any useful tips from you?

do you realise how mucky builders can be after a days work ? I should know I am a joiner

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complications with letting to companies. I would find another tenant.

well, thinking of getting 30% rent and 6 months upfront payment - that is a bonus.

Can you advice about questions asked?

you are obviously going to do it irrespective of what we say . Money , money so just go ahead

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Have a look at this video before you go ahead:

In stating the obvious after agreeing a company let arrangement you don’t have discretion on the individuals who are going to live in your rental property, and it’s debatable if the company do either.
I have been approached by organisations offering this and they infirm me that no bond would be in place insisting that they have taken insurance to cover issues arising. This leaves you with even Less control regarding recourse.
My advise, leave well alone

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Don’t do it you will almost certainly live to regret it.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that some people post to online forums when they already know they are going to make a mistake and what they really want is someone to tell them that it will all be be OK. It’s all about psychology really - authority bias, and group think, even the Abilene Paradox crops up occasionally. Like David122 I find myself more and more inclined to tell posters like this that they should just go ahead and do whatever it is that they want to do, because it’s just so tedious to get dragged into discussions about why it might actually not be a great idea after all.
PS: It’s not a great idea

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I get what you saying but apart from telling me “not too” you dont explain why in your opinion is not worthy.

Simply saying “dont do it” is not an answer.

have you looked at the above video? You really want to hand control over your property and who is chosen as the tenant? We can tell you will ignore us and want the money, so we know we are wasting our time

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Eve2 - see the video for the reasons. There’s your answer

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