Resigning existing tenants but removing a guarantor

Last year I signed a young couple who were moving in together for the first time. This meant that they had to be referenced separately. One of them fell short of their 50% share of rent, and so I accepted them with a guarantor.

We are now negotiating re-signing. As this couple have now been living together at the same address for a year they could now be considered “financially linked” and jointly they would pass referencing without a guarantor.

This is the first time I have re-signed an existing tenant. Do I need to reference my existing tenants as a matter of course? Presumably if I remove the guarantor, then I definitely would need to to confirm that that would pass the financial check. Would it be better in this case to simply leave the guarantor in place (assuming they’re happy to do so)?

Absolutely redo all checks
I have had tenants lose their job but want to resign a new AST
You could be stuck with Tenants, who can’t pay rent for 12 months, before you can do anything
(I only found out because I looked at their social media page )
Never take them without guarantor
We are in odd times
Better safe than sorry

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Presumably the fast check would suffice, as their identities and previous addresses / previous landlord references are immutable.

Can you order referencing through OpenRent when you use the renewal service, or is it DIY in this circumstance?

Why not just let the tenancy go periodic and you then don’t have the same admin costs/work and you have more flexibility if things don’t work out for them.


I do it all myself
I ask for employers contract reference etc
Bank statements for last six months
Ni number confirmed on Payslips etc

Same for guarantor plus proof of equity
Right to rent check