Right to rent "follow up" checks

So I rented the flat in April to someone whose R2R was due to end at the end of July. So I check the government website which says that
Do the follow-up check just before the date that’s the later of:

  • the end of your tenant’s permission to stay in the UK
  • 12 months after your previous check

This is quite strange, it is the LATER of these two, so although when I did the check in April I am made aware that the R2R ends in July, according to the rule I don’t need to do anything until next April and I can just ignore the fact that I know it was due to expire in July. This seems a bit weird, am I understanding this incorrectly?

The same government website goes on to explain elsewhere that if a LL has reasonable cause to believe the tenant does not have R2R then the LL can go to prison for 5 years, so that sort of answers the question, but it seems in conflict with the actual instruction I quote above.

Thats because you are allowed to rent to them for 12 months even if their R2R is only valid for another day.

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