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Hi I just want to check the advice given by one of Openrent’s staff, might be right but even if it is I don’t think it should be this way.

Basically I made a massive error in listing a property with no pictures, just the front of the house. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, I won’t listen to my mum’s advice on this again!

Anyway I received email from Openrent suggesting how to get more enquiries as the uptake was poor. One of the suggestions was pictures. So now I have pictures.

What I wanted to know is if Openrent were able to provide statistics on views (not necessarily enquiries) from the likes of Rightmove, so I could compare pre photo and after photo. I was told they were unable to provide these figures but I would have thought Rightmove would supply these figures? I know they can when you are selling a house.

Just something I’m interested in to be honest, gives me an idea what the impact of the photos has been, because more views should translate to more enquiries.


Hi James, I’m afraid we can’t tell you have many people view your property on Rightmove. We don’t have access to that info.

Incidentally, even if you could get it, you would still not be able to compare pre- and post-photos with any scientific rigour, because listings get the bulk of their attention in the 48 hours immediately following their publication. This is because new listings appear at the top of Rightmove searches, and they are emailed out to tenants with saved search alerts.

Therefore, if even with bad/no photos, the property could receive most of its views during this period. Your property could have received far fewer views afterward, but because of the photos, those views could have generated more enquiries.

It is for these reasons that:

  • we recommend making sure you listing is as good as it can be from day 1 of being live
  • we don’t track views — it’s a misleading (or ‘vanity’) metric. What matters is good quality enquiries.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Sam

If you don’t have the information fair enough.

However I strongly disagree with what you say about comparisons if the information was available. As you would clearly be able to see the date when the photos went on and see if there was a bump in views or not. I would say knowing viewings even without enquiries is useful in the same way knowing the footfall outside a shop is. If more views on the right track, in my opinion.

Which means your advisory emails (which I think are a little patronising in their tone) about getting more enquiries with pro photos is kind of pointless if you have no evidence that photos increase enquiries, after the initial listing.

I agree that the best time to get it right is the beginning and with that I have to hold my hands up I shouldn’t have listed pre-photos but I have and I just need to decide on best options going forward.

That been said generally speaking Openrent much better than using an agent, so you guys are travelling in the right direction!