Rightmove advert incorrect


Has anyone got any experience with Openrent a) missing photographs and b) completely changing the written content of the listing for it to appear on rightmove? I spent ages doing mine (well) for key photos to go missing and marketing text to be replaced by generic blurb. Not a good first impression tbh! It looked ok on openrent’s own site (even if the photos were clumsily chopped when we used portrait).

Any suggestions?

Hi Kieren,

The answers to all your questions should be here.

Let me know if you have any more Qs.

I will explain the logic fully here so it’s available for the Community in future.

The property portals, Rightmove and Zoopla, have strict guidelines on what can be included in descriptions and images in adverts on their sites.

To make sure your advert conforms, we need to read your description and look at your photos. This takes a little bit of - but not very much - time. It is usually just 3-6 hours.

We know from tests that most users just want their advert to go live ASAP. So to get your advert live straight away, we temporarily use a description that we know will pass the portals’ guidelines. It is made using the info you gave about your property. This tide-over description is typically only live for a few hours.

Meanwhile, we work quickly to check your own description so it can join the rest of your advert on the portal sites. A similar thing happens with your images.

So if your advert is not as you expected, just wait a couple of hours, and it will fix itself.

If you would rather only go live with your full advert approved, then you can do that. Just change your settings here.

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