Downloading photos to Rightmove

I registered & went live yesterday on OpenRent, Right Move & Zoopla etc. I’m afraid I’m really not impressed with the way my photos have been selected & forwarded onto the other sites as they have excluded both the main bedroom and kitchen photos! I have contacted both Open Rent about this and Right Move…and haven’t heard back from anyone. This will obviously badly impact my chances of creating very much interest as people can’t see two of the main rooms! Can anyone please advise? I appreciate your time.

In a similar situation, one of the other landlords had the same problem and discovered that Right Move & Zoopla only allow ten photos to be uploaded. I suggest you reduce the number of photos if more than this to the essential ones that you think will be most beneficial to potential tenants.

Many thanks John for your reply - all good now and more than 10 photos uploaded on portals. I did it on a Sunday and it just takes time to filter through the various platforms.

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