Rogue openrent picket sign outside my house

Has anyone else woken up to an openrent To Let sign drilled to their gate post? They must have come in the middle of the night or really early morning on a Saturday to do it. I only advertised for my single room to be let to a tenant, not my entire house. There was no warning, no request for permission. Feels like an invasion of privacy. What should I do? Any advice much appreciated. Thank you!

Hello Nishad,

I advertised by property with Open Rent, and was emailed about boards in advance of the installment, which in my case was welcome. I prefer to have a board as this really is the best type of advertisement for attracting the local people who are most likely to enquire for the property.

Certainly would I not tolerate any drilling into my fencing, however.

Best regards,


Hey Nishad,

I’ll give this a full answer so others can see it in future!

We have no desire to send To Let signs where they’re not wanted. That’s not what we’re about (and it would be very expensive for us!)

When an OpenRent user advertises a property, we send an email if the property is within one of the areas where To Let signs are available.

In this email, users can let us know their To Let board preferences. Most landlords prefer a To Let board where possible as it helps let the property quickly. You can also update your To Let board preferences at any time.

I hope that helps!