Rogue openrent sign STILL nailed to my gate-post, 6 days later

On Saturday, I awoke to find a massive openrent sign nailed to my fence post. I contacted (with difficulty- there is no phone number or direct email on the site, all very dodgy), openrent via an email sent to me about a possible tennent and postred on this forum. I recived a couple of replies, both apologizing and stating that I should have opted out of the signage in an email that was supposedly sent to me but which I never actually recieved. I was also informed that the sign would be removed. Its still there. Thats a week of free advertising and Im not recieving any percentage of that?

I found a openrent sign in front of my property that I NEVER requested as well and I can’t find an email address or telefone number to contact them. It is so wrong…

This is disgusting and why I despise them. The fact you have to opt out of this is very bad practice. They should make it an opt-in service where you would have to press a button to say you want it.

Grow up… just take it down yourself and leave it to one side, you get a free sign… all this service at a cheap price .What is there not to like?


Hi Nishad, I understand that the team has ordered the sign to be removed.

I see you posted a similar topic last summer, and I explained about the email and the to let board setting which you can change at any time.

I’m sorry this has been an inconvenience to you, but if you do advertise a property again in future, you will be able to update you to let board preferences in exactly the same way as described for your first two adverts.

Many thanks,