Rolling tenancy now have new husband living there not on agreement

I am worried about my current situation , my 2 female tenants are on a rolling tenancy , originally 6 months but now been there for a year , I inspected the flat yesterday and decided to end the agreement and verbally gave them 2 months notice , one of the reasons was that one if them has moved her husband in from India ( she says 3 weeks to one month ago ) . Without telling me he was coming or was here. Even though I visited 3 weeks ago she failed to say anything about him . I only really want maximum 2 adults and 1 child in there anyway , the flat anyway as it’s a 2 bed .
They reluctantly agreed to the 2 month notice. ,Today the other female Tennant says she is now also married and wants to move her husband in too , and wants me to send a letter to bolster her visa application saying he is allowed to stay there (I did this for the other one already saying in PRINCIPAL if he was given legal entry to the uk he could move in for UPTO a month and then we would discuss a new tenancy and possibly add him if he passed credit checks etc ) . But as I said earlier they did not let me know this was definitely going to happen and didn’t inform me when he had already moved in . When I asked yesterday how long have you been here the husband said 1 month at the same time the Tennant said 3 weeks . Weird I thought as surly he knows how long he had been there with his new wife . This is only part of the reason I want to end the tenancy.
I am worried if he is allowed to stay there at all legally , will my insurance be invalid I have not seen his immigration status . And he will not be added to tenancy ever ,?I have refused to right another letter for the latest one to say she is marrying as I certainly don’t want 4 adults in there even temporarily fit one or 2 months until the end of the tenancy. I feel they are using me . Can someone give me any advice as to what I need to do ?

I would start eviction proceedings for all of them 2 months notice needs to be in writing Are you in a landlords association?

No I’m not in any association, I’m not sure why you think that is relevant? I don’t think I need to “evict” I should just be able to serve notice to end the tenancy .surely eviction is a last resort ?

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The NLA is a landlords assoc. which when you join will give you the advice you need. If you end the tenancy and want them to leave then you are evicting them., asking them to get out, telling them to sling their hook, call it what you want

Thanks Colin , I didnt realise they were the same thing , eviction sounds quite severe.

Eviction does sound severe. It conjures up thoughts of court action . I hope it does not go that far for you. The tenants sound deceitful tho

Just a thought how do you know they are really married?