Routine inspections

Did a routine inspections & found a failed double glazing unit that the tenants hadn’t told me about. Apparently they’d been cleaning the mould from round the window. I’ll be getting it replaced as soon as I can.
I’d be interested to hear of any discoveries you’ve made while doing an inspection.

Why are you putting this in various groups ?

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Failed units are not un common. Usually the glazing co can just pop a new one in. Last one I had was small and £68 fitted.
Are you suggested that it failed because the tenant cleared the mould?

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You will not be able to prove it was tenant unless signs of seal damage caused by a knife or screwdriver etc. Replace and forget about it.


yep, they fail. Just another building maintenance job. If the glass isn’t broken it’s pretty much impossible for the tenant to have caused it as the seal is hidden by the frame and beading. I had a roof Velux fail last year - impossible for the tenant to have even touched it!

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No there wasn’t any mould until the unit blew

What gives you the impression that I’m blaming the tenants?

Replace it and move on, ll responsibility

Yes, replace. It’s maintenance. I had 3 panes replaced, cost £360.

@Steve11 it was intended to see what other problems landlords came across while doing inspections. No advice was asked for & the solution is obvious.

Really, that’s just bizarre :joy:

@Alan27 I’m not trying to blame the tenants

the hardest part is determining. the thickness of the unit, depends how old the frame is. I have had to ease the beads out .lean the glass unit out and then measure it

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@Colin3 These are older & thinner than the modern units. Must be due for an upgrade by the housing association who own the building but I’ve been thinking that for the last ten years.
I tried to contact the housing officer to get it replaced but she’s “out of the office” till Monday so I’ll try again next week.

Turns out I’m responsible for the windows. Got a manufacturer to change the unit, had to be toughned glass due to the windowsill height & a 2 man job as the beading is on the outside. Not much change from £300 :scream:

How good does that feel! :innocent:

You’ve improved the home, made your tenants happy and underlined the fact that you’re a caring and responsible landlord - helping give us all a good name. I applaud you! :clap:

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Thanks for that, I’ve always asked them to report any problems but I wasn’t aware of this one until a routine inspection.

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