Rules regarding live in landlords

Does a live in landlord still have to have fire electric and gas certificate and are you still able to give tenants one weeks notice if it should become necessary property was previously rented to a family so has all necessary certificates at moment do they need to be renewed and as landlord lives in property does it have to be registered as hmo with local council etc the property is 3 bedrooms and the landlord wishes to rent out one of the bedrooms and the sitting room as the room that they will use has no separate access to 3rd bedroom enter through second bedroom question asked because many moons ago I lived in a house such as this have rules changed

If the landlord lives there as their main home, then its not compulsory to have an electrical certificate, (EICR) or an EPC, but you must have a gas cert.

If you need to give notice to a lodger then it should be the same length as the rent period unless there are extreme circumstances.

If the landlord owns the property they can take up to 2 lodgers without the property becoming an HMO.

Many hanks for that information you have just saved me 30 quid have read the page on rent a room and got a license agreement ready so hopefully all systems roll