Gas and Electric Certs

The gas and electric certificates were recently renewed 21/12/21 however the tenants served notice recently. we have new tenants moving in the next few weeks - do I need to get a new gas and electric cert for the new tenancy? thanks in advance for your help on this

The gas cert is annual regardless of change of tenants. The default shelf life of an EICR cert is 5 years, but some electricians have been known to enter more frequent renewal periods on the certificate. You should check yours and if it says on change of tenancy, for example, you would have to renew it. If this is the case I would advise that you don’t use that electrician again.


If by ‘electrical certificate’ you mean an EICR then you only need to renew it when it expires and if your property is still tenanted. Normal terms are 3-5 years depending on the age of your installation. I have been told by NICEIC that renewing an EICR on change of tenancy is not compulsory.


Thanks for all your replies much appreciated

Do you need gas certificate if renting a room in your home?

my first thought was no but now I think it is yes . Someone here will know for definate

just checked it is a Yes

Yes, you do need a GSC to take a lodger


It is advisable to renew the EICR when new tenants are moving in and a copy should be provided to them within 28 days.

Only need to renew EICR on expiry of certificate unless there is specific wording stating otherwise.