SECTION 21 I Do Tenants get it by Defauly once i end Tenacy here?


Can you please help?
Tenants after 2 years are leaving cos they want to apply for a council flat.
I wrote them Notice Letter …under section 21 notice etc…

But Council wants like official Section 21 letter.
If i end tenancy here …on Open Rent …does Open Rent provide a Section 21 letter to them by default?

Or do i need to download it somewhere separately?

Thanks for your help!

Did you issue a sect 21 on form 6a ?
because that’s what’s required.
Only your tenants or the courts can end the tenancy.

The council will advise your tenants to stay put until evicted by the courts.
This will require you to file a possession claim with the courts and even then if they stay past the date of possession order you will have to instruct bailiffs to evict them only then will the council step up.
Welcome to the world where landlords and well and truly shafted.


Alen, you need some landlord training and youre probably going to need some help with this eviction. S21 must be served on Government form 6a. You should be aware that the Council will advise the tenant to stay put until the bailiffs are at the door. It will take you months and youll have to pay court fees and probably for legal support.


Also council will make sure the tenant puts in a ‘fight’ otherwise they can be seen to be making themselves homeless.

If the tenant claims benefit then they will have access to the on duty solicitor at court (Legal Aid). Can get messy and expensive.


My advice - take full landlord insurance out before going down this route. You will get all the support and documents and rent cover (if they stop paying) as it’ll be a long road.

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If they want to leave, it’s their choice, I wouldn’t be giving them notice, because as others have stated the full eviction process could be complex & costly for you.

It’s not your job to evict them to help them get a council flat.

& to clarify, ending a tenancy on Openrent does NOT serve any legal
Notice on the tenants. It’s purely administrative so that tenancy no longer shows as active on their portal.

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Thanks all of you…
Will let you informed what is going on…

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