Selective license Rules

Good Evening
I have a selective licence and I’m in the process of trying to rent my 3 bed property.
Honestly I’m not getting a lot of families wanting to view the property and I’ve had to say no to a lot of sharers because of the licence restrictions.
I’ve just had an applicant wanting to view my property
for himself, nephew and applicants two cousins
Obviously he is saying they are all related to each other and he is promising documents/bank statements but honestly how can I prove one hundred percent that they are related to each other
I’m concerned that this could break my licence and could become a HMO and if they are not related.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much

If you have any concerns I would just say no. It is a pretty unusual situation to be honest & one that would raise suspicions with me.

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I think you mean potential HMO licensing issue, not Selective Licensing, but if you are really considering them, get each of them to write and sign a note stating their exact familial relationship to others in the property. That should be enough to cover you if they later turn out not to be related.

Whilst the above should protect you from Council action or a tenant Rent Repayment Order, it would not stop you needing to then get a licence if it later turned out that they were lieing. It would also not stop your insurance being invalidated or your mortgage being in default or lease being breached if either or both have restrictions on such usage.

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