Selective license when Living abroad

Hi everyone,

After long time we’re going to let our beloved flat in Nottingham and leaving the country for a new experience.

Leaving abroad we can’t be the proposed licence holder for the property.
Anyone on here can share contact of respectable and possibly cheap agency that offer this service?

Many thanks to everyone

How are you going to manage the property?

Not sure I got your question…
Property is rented throught Open Rent and self-managed (in case of issue I contact supplier for repairs).

Who will do your periodic inspections? Will you employ a solicitor to represent you at court if you need to evict someone? Who will be there to check- in tenants and ensure everything is signed and the smoke alarms are working? Who will pop around if the tenants have an issue?

@David122 - I’m not sure you’re questions are helpful in relation to @Marco10’s initial question, which was very specific to selective licencing and specifically selective licencing in Nottingham. Lots of landlords manage their properties from a distance, and overcome the issues you present, but not sure those discussions are relevant to this thread (at least not yet!).

Leaving abroad we can’t be the proposed licence holder for the property.

@Marco10 - Can you point to the part of the Nottingham Selective Licencing requirements that state you must be living in Nottingham / The UK? Each council has it’s own set of requirements / rules / etc, but this isn’t one I’ve personally come across before.

Our guidance on selective licencing is here:

And we have called for a centralised approach here:

But it would be good to understand where the residency requirement is coming from vs. needing a forwarding address in the UK / something similar.

Looks like Tower Hamlets have a similar restriction, and their guidance is here:

Q. I am an overseas landlord, is there any way that I can hold the licence for my property
whilst living abroad.

A. Yes, if you can find a friend, relative or managing agent resident in the UK who will agree to sign
an undertaking to be legally bound by the licence conditions. This means that if the licence
conditions are breached legal action could be taken against that person, not the licence holder.
However, the council can only agree to this if it is confident that the management arrangements are
satisfactory and that the person who has signed the undertaking is competent to comply with the
licence and is a fit and proper person.

Thank you Daz.

It looks like there aren’t “agency” that do only this, it’s more a full managed service.
I hope I can find something else…

I disagree Daz. Part of the job of a forum is to raise questions the poster may not have thought of.

I would not recommend landlords to self manage from another country although Im aware that there are many people who do. My opinion is in part based on the number of posts Ive answered on various forums from landlords who have experienced problems with being so far from their rental property. In my view, tenancies and properties need to be properly managed and in licensed areas the licence holder is signing a legal document confirming that they will do this. Breach of the licence conditions can result in a penalty of up to £30k or an umlimited fine. Im not surprised therefore that Marco is struggling to find an agent willing to do this without providing the fully managed service theyre signing up to.

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As a LL in Nottingham, I can state the 6 monthly inspections are mandatory - pretty tricky to do if you live abroad! I believe as an overseas LL you will need to designate someone local as the managing agent in order to qualify for a licence. Where are you in Nottingham?

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Having been an overseas LL for 21 years, I would like to reiterate David122’s point that self-managing a rental property from abroad can be a complete nightmare and is certainly not recommended.

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