Selective license (landlord license)

Do we have to get Landlord license. recently we received an email from Brent council.
"The Council currently has an application with the Government to renew this scheme but at the moment we are still waiting on a decision from them.
Therefore, as it currently stands there is no need for you to make an application to renew your expired Selective licence for these wards. If the Government decides not to renew the scheme and you have already submitted a renewal application, we will of course give you a full refund."
This is for the properties already have license , But my question is do we have to get license for new properties?

Hi Afam, good question. I think you would have to ask Brent Council, as, as you know, licensing schemes and how they are enforced is devolved to the local authority level. So only the LA can tell you for certain.

From the excerpt you included in your post, however, it seems that the safest thing to do would be to apply for a new license for new properties, since it sounds like the council would refund you if the scheme is axed by central Government.