Selling up estate agent?

I have decided to sell our rental property. It fine but I need to release the capital. I’ll admit dismay at the estate agent fees proposal. Almost £10k on £460k. Seems a lot for what you get. Would be interested in experiences of other landlords disposing of properties. We are in South London.

Negotiate… I recently sold my house for £460k ,by coincidence, and paid 1% including VAT. Not in London tho.

I used an online estate agent to sell mine about 7 or 8 years ago and paid £295 on £300,000!

Depends what local agents for you. Round here, they pretty much just advertise it and send it out to their mailing list, so there is no real value in using a traditional agent if you get it on Rightmove etc another way. When my sister sold hers, the estate agents local to her actually sold houses - ie did the viewings, actually showed people round and sold the house to earn their money.

0.8% + vat when I sold in cr4.

£260k roughly £3k in fees. You should probably get a lower percentage for a more expensive property.

Try selling it privately first and see what happens.
Put the property on some free or cheapish ads online and/or in newspapers.
It could save you a fortune!

There are specific legal requirements that you might not meet if you just stick an ad online or in a newspaper. I would suggest an online agent if you can’t find cheaper than £10k