Sending the bank statements directly to the landlord for referencing

Hi everyone,

It is my first contribution here, and the first time I am using openrent for renting. I liked a flat and after the viewing, openrent landlord communicated with me via their personal email asking for references. I did not mind, but my guarantor could not accept sending her bank statements directly to the landlord as they are personal. She wanted to do them through the agency and be sure that they remain confidential. What can we do as the landlord is not replying to my questions about it. I asked to pay the holding deposit and start the reference check here, but he rejected that and said first he wants to check my references. Is this practice common? How can I reassure my guarantor that her data remain confidential while she is sending them to the landlord’s private email.

Thank you in advance for your advice and insights.

Hi Majideh,

Many landlords want to perform some kind of screening or checking activity with tenants before proceeding to the stage of the process where the tenant places a holding deposit, so I’d say this is common, although not done by everyone.

Banks statements are personal and some people will not want to share them. Sadly, there may not be much you can do to persuade a guarantor that their bank details will be held securely.

How have things progressed since you posted?


Hi Sam,

Thank you so much for your message. I had to extend my stay in my current accommodation and now I have more time. So we are waiting for my guarantor’s payslips to receive to send it to the landlord, instead of the bank statements. Hopefully she receives them this week. They are working from home, and the financial manager is not available as normal. Thank you.

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