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Hi all!
I just got a message from my prospective tenant that she says the openrent referencing cannot verify her income because her bank does not support Open Banking. And the openrent referencing doesn’t accept bank statements copies either. Any landlords have encountered similar issue and what should we do then?
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Maybe try to reach to OpenRent and see whether they have any alternative to do this?
Otherwise OpenRent should be frank about this and let people know they have such a limitation.

Hi Both,

As outlined in the referencing screens, if you are unable to proceed with Open Banking (in this case due to you using one of the very few banks that still don’t support it), you will have the option to proceed regardless. Whilst we don’t support bank statement uploads (because they can be doctored!) we do use employer references and so your reference will pass if your employer simply confirms your income.

Looking at your account, I can see your reference forms were completed successfully. If you want to discuss the outcome of your references, I’d suggest reaching out to our team or the landlord directly so it’s private - but if you want to do so publicly then with your consent we’d of course be happy to.

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Just to be clear - there is no limitation here. Open banking isn’t a requirement for OpenRent referencing - however it is a much better way for tenants to verify their income where it’s available.

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