Serving the section 21

Hi, I have served section 21 to the tenant. As I am a new landlord I didn’t know about EPC and how to rent documents had to be given at the start of tenancy. I have since done that after serving section 21. Do I have to serve section 21 again?

Yes you do. What about gas safety cert? Google “nearly legal s21 flowchart” and check if you’re otherwise compliant.

Thanks for your reply. There is no gas in the property.
By checking “nearly legal s21 flow chart” as I have not given the tenant “how to rent” before s21, it makes it not valid I suppose. So I have to do it again. But I could use “Open rent” to serve s21 again as I have uploaded EPC cert and “how to rent” and tagged in the tenant. The deposit is held by Open rent as well as the tenancy contract. So that should be OK then?

highly recommend you join a landlord association and do their training. It will potentially save you thousands

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Personally, I’m a Landlord of 25 years, but have never had to evict anyone. For that reason, I consider myself inexperienced, and would certainly pay an eviction specialist to do this, to make sure its done right.


Thanks. Yes I am going to get a solicitor to do it. As I have made mistakes already.

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Will you be able to give the link to their site please? as there are a few of them. Thanks

if I do that, my post will disappear into a moderation queue that will and days to be approved. Just search for the biggest… it begins with N :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK Thanks I will do a search again.

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Landlord association