Section 21 EPC and How to Rent

Hi all, I’m seeing conflicting things on the web so I wondered if anyone here could help. I know the How to Rent guide and an EPC have to be served before issuing a section 21 if they haven’t been provided at the start of the tenancy. Do the EPC and How to Rent have to be the current versions at the time of service or the versions in place at start of the tenancy?

Many thanks.

The wording relating to this point regarding the How to Rent guide is ambiguous so its probably best to serve both versions if they’re different. The EPC is the one from the start of the tenancy, but it has to be current at the point of service, so again, I’d serve both.

Thank you that’s helpful! I’m also unclear on the whether it’s acceptable to provide previous gas safety certificates at the same time as the section 21. I know the court of appeal ruling has said that it’s sufficient that they’re provided ‘before’ the section 21. Is that time period defined or would 5 minutes before also be fine?

You need to be able to prove it, so 24 hours before is the minimum.