Sharing tenant information with DPS: GDPR?

Hi there

As a landlord, I provided the tenants details (name, alternative address, email) to the Deposit Protection Scheme as required (and using information that the tenants submitted in the rental agreement).

12 months on, the tenant has served notice and he and I are contesting part of the deposit. In the evidence I submitted to substantiate my case, I included an email from the tenant to me. The tenant has written to me to say that in doing so, I have disclosed his personal email address which is a data protection brief.

The DPS already has his personal details (which I submitted at the start of the tenancy)

Should I just ignore his note?

Thank you.

Load of rubbish how can they communicate with him if they do not have his E mail address?

By that sense of logic even giving someones name is GDPR non compliant!

Yes, I would ignore it, although for future reference, you should be giving all tenants, (and even some prospective tenants) a copy of your GDPR privacy notice at a very early stage so that they are clear how you handle their data and who you’re allowed to share it with.