Deposit scheme late submission of documents

Landlord used DPS to secure deposit late (Sept 2016), even though I gave the deposit in Jan 2015.

I know I have a cliam aginst him for anyting up to 3x the deposit amount.

However, I nor the landlord instigated the DPS to release the money when I vacted the property in 2018. that is until now. I was given 14 days to provide evidence to contest the landlords deductions, or no reply would mean the landlord gets all the money. I replied 1-8mins after the DPS deadline, as the email bounced as I didnt have the correct email for DPS.

Yes, I know I should have arrnaged all submissions before hand, but on the walk to the deadline I put it off as eerytime I touched the topic (disputing the landlords standings/points) I was becoming anxious and upon the deadline had a panic attack… the fact I recovered to then relaise the 2x emails I had sent were returned, was a frnatic traumatic period, eventually I submitted my evidence and forms 3 and 8 mins past the deadline.

I have taken that DPS will now simply release the deposit to the landlord without consideration to my circumtances, as I simply missed the deadline.

What can I do now?

Why dont you give DPS a call and see what can be done. Alternatively, send an email to the landlord contesting any deductions you think are unfair and stating that you’d rather not get into the process of claiming a penalty against him.

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