Shed in back garden

@George20 I’m obviously too nice too. I put a shed in at my house that didn’t have a garage or shed.


Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Have you had the shed for long and have there been any problems?

Why are you taking on an additional responsibility and cost for a tenant who has already moved in? There are plenty of commercial storage companies blighting our landscape that they could use. Every thing you add means less return on investment and more potential for unseen risks to emerge.

About 7-8 years now and not that I know of! She’s a very good tenant, been in since 2014 with no issues, so I don’t tend to bother her with inspections any more. She just contacts me if she had any problems.

Thanks for your comments and advice. My reasoning is

  • The property is small and the tenant needs the storage so it’s not an unreasonable request.

  • Good reliable tenant, looks after the property, pays rent on time.

  • The shed will add value to the property.

There are pros and cons though, I understand that.

Thanks for your reply

I’d question if it adds any real value. A big luxury office shed maybe, not a bog standard tool shed. Both rental and sales market are hot.

If the property is small it could compensate to a small extent.

Don’t get ‘shedding’ the pound notes unnecessarily!


does a bog standard shed have a loo in it with a broken seat ?


It just has a bog, as standard. (Seat may or may not be broken but almost certainly not quite as clean as you’d like it to be).


Ok, thanks for your comment.

Ha ha. Thanks Colin and others for your humourous contributions :slight_smile:

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