Toilet Seat Broken

My tenant has just advise that toilet seat has broken and needs new handle for bathroom door - is this the landlord’s responsability?

yes I am surprised you are asking

Well - I am a little surprised - the toilet seat was brand new and tenant has been in the property for around 8 months - I would have thought it’s a little bit like changing a light bulb and not be the landlord’s responsability if they break it???

I understand about the door handle but don’t see the toilet seat as being my responsability - please do let me know if I’m wrong on this!! Thanks

i would always change a toilet seat when new tenants come in. but seeing as many stay for years i have not had to buy too many. !! i would replace for the sake of pleasing the tenant A good seat can be had for £30 or less. How it was broken , well you may never get to the bottom of it !


If its heavy and it dropped then it probably would break. Get a soft close one next time.

Thank you very much for your advice.

I was due to visit the property tomorrow so will change it. Great advice re soft close. Thanks

I have fitted soft close on building jobs. Ok till impatient people push on it to close it faster Then method gone

Thank you Colin 3

Soft Close it will be!!

Much appreciated

My understanding is that all structure, fixtures and fittings are always the responsibility of the landlord to maintain irrespective of how damage is caused. Who pays the final bill is a different matter. The LL may have to pay in the first instance but if there is uncontested proof that the damage is caused deliberately or by misuse by the tenant, the LL can make a claim directly, seek to claim against the deposit or through the courts.

Hi Nilesh and thank you for taking the time to reply to my query.

The tenant stated that the damage was done deliberately by an angry partner, so we proceeded to replace without charges. The fact that they admitted to how it all happened was enough. Having said that, you are absolutely correct in saying that fixtures and fittings are the responsibility of the landlord primarily after which one can contest etc.

Thanks again

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There could be piles of reasons


If we continue the jokes will get worse !!

Well yeah. Its your property. Thats why your tenants pay you rent. When something needs fixing you go and fix it for them . Landlord insurance . Im a tennant and get my landlord to fix stuff. Im not paying out on a property l dont own. Im trying hard to save for my own home one day. But some people are lucky to have more than one property .

unless broken by temper or carelesness ,You cannot expect anyone in life to pay for someone elses mistakes


If the partner did it then the responsibility is the tenants.
You may never get to the full story behind this.


Yes some are fortunate to have more than one property. They have almost certainly sacrificed alot in life to be able to do it and worked hard.


This isn’t true. Tenant has responsibility of replacing on like for like basis, (if they accidentally or deliberately break) having first advised and agreed details with landlord. LL may agree to let tenant arrange repair or may insist that LL sorts. Imagine if the tenant kept deliberately breaking things or an angry partner took a hammer to things? As if it would be reasonable for the landlord to keep sorting out self induced mess.


I know that.
Not saying its bad .
Just saying tennants work hard too and sometimes its impossible to buy a first home. Thats why tennants need understanding landlords. Ive been a tennant and respect my landlords proptery . As l want my own home one day .

My son is on a low wage and renting and he has little hope in buying any time soon as he’s in the rental trap. No matter what I said he still chose to move out of home and get caught in the cycle. I said house share will be better as will give a chance to save but he didn’t like the idea of it. I do of course feel for him. He doesn’t know it yet but I will help once he’s proven he’s responsible and saved a few quid and maintained a job.

It is tragic how the average age of someone who buys is 40. I was in fact 40 myself. I do think a lot of it is down to lifestyle choices and lack of discipline for some people. (This was me). Many put want over need. I’m not suggesting you do this, though many do.

Personally I would do whatever it took. Live in a caravan, house share, work multiple jobs, live in a low rent dodgey area.


i bought when Iwas 22 and it was the landlady who gave me a private mortgage on the house I was renting off her. she was very good to me