Should I accept this tenants? She failed references

Hi, I am wondering if I should accept a tenant for my property.

This girl has passed all the checks except the last landlord reference. She says she can’t get one because her landlord is wanting to charge her money for the reference and this is the first one she has had outside of being a student.

What if she is lying and is a bad tenant who has recked her last house and so can’t give the reference?

Income and rest of checks say she is fine to rent, but just a bit worried. Can you imagine not being able to give a reference? Doesn’t that mean yo uare a bit dodgy really?

Thanks you grateful for your help !! Dani x

Hi Dani
I totally understand your problem … I have been a landlord for 9 years this coming July .
My advice would be to move on to the next applicant, if you decide to take a chance ask for a signed guarantor … and maybe work a rent and legal fee insurance in the rent … as for the sake of around £90 per half year … it would cost thousands otherwise in legal and loss of income
Anyone living in your property is a calculated risk … I currently have a tenant who is always a month in arears, has caused damage due to condensation … and refuses to leave after his section 20 notice expired … as he wants a council flat so they advice him to wait until court eviction … he had all the reference and credit checks back fine … so you never can tell … if you gut instinct says no … then I would follow it … best of luck . Neil

If they earn enough money and will pay a deposit then I’d say why not, better than having your property empty!

Here’s my two pence @dani - it is actually quite common that a tenant will not be able to providing a reference from a previous landlord . There are all sorts of excuses but to be honst it is actually the least important part.

It is the least important part because it is the most easy to fake. Any idiot can ask their friend to pretend they were their landlord and have them be phoned up to provide a ‘’‘reference’’’

To be fair to your applicant here, at least they have not faked one and being honest about it. Landlords and agent alike quite often charge for references - it shouldn’t be done but there’s always rotton apples!

Agree with Neil about avoiding the void period and buying insurance.