Smoking tenants

Discovered my tenants are smoking in the house - apart from this they are good tenants. Is there a clause i can add to the agreement about having to redecorate and steam clean roman blinds? I’m worried about the discolouration and smell. Any advice ?

This bugs many landlords. Tenants will lie about this more than anything else you can put in any clause you wish but their addiction will make them ignore it


You are right. I had a tenant who was a doctor even
I told him smoking it not allowed and clearly stated in tenancy agreement. Then I found him smoking in flat too.

Even I got another tenants and they said they did not
smoke in flat. Then I had email about their complaints
that they were smoking at Juliet doors and throwing the cigarette butts on the garden from their flat.

Then they stop throwing but I know that they are smoking in flat and leaving at end of this month. But I am going to see on Saturday and hopefully they will leave in clean condition same as before because I had given newly painted whole flat.

You can’t add to a legal contract that’s already in force. You would have to create a new contract, but there’s no point since you already have the right to sue him or claim damages from his deposit.

I would give him a final warning that unless he stops smoking in the property I would be forced to serve notice. I’ve heard of people having to re-plaster the house in extreme cases because they can’t get rid of the smell.