Some clarification needed on the period of a periodic tenancy

Is the “Period” in the periodic tenancy based on the end date of the original fixed term?

So if my rental started from 15th to 15th of each month (payments the same) is that the period?

So if I give notice on the 30th, could I leave on the 30th but then just pay half a month rent?

Is that final rent recalculated or does a periodic tenancy lock you in to specific dates?

In this case, the period is the same as it was during the fixed term, monthly from 15th to 14th. The tenant notice period is a MINIMUM of 1 month ending on the first or last day of a tenancy period, so if you gave notice on 30 Sept, your notice should expire on 15 November. If it didn’t specify this, its invalid. Some landlords will accept an invalid notice in this way so I suggest you negotiate.

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