Split with partner joint tenancy

Hi I’m currently renting a small flat, I have a joint tenancy with my now EX. He wants to go live back at his dads so wants to end his part of the tenancy, what’s the likelihood of them allowing just me to stay there and have a solo tenancy? I work full time and earn 3x the rent, never missed a rent payment here and they already credit checked me at the beginning do you think they will make me go through all that again ? Thanks

Personally I wouldn’t remove any joint tenants , if the worse was to happen I have two tenants to go after and reclaim any moneys owed.
This is down to any individual landlord and how they want to proceed.
At very least they would do the full credit check etc

Your circumstances are very positive, but do you really want to pay that much rent? Is this a property you would have chosen originally if you were looking alone? Its understandable that your first reaction is to hang on and hope he lets you stay, but most tenants in this circumstance who get their wish, don’t stay much longer because they end up looking for something cheaper. If you really do want to stay, then put your case to the landlord and offer to show them payslips and bank statements so that they can see that you can afford it.

In a joint tenancy, the tenants are indivisible and you won’t just be able to keep your part of the tenancy. Once the tenancy is periodic, your ex could serve notice and that would end your tenancy too. If your landlord is on the ball, you will likely have to sign up to a new contract.

The rent is very cheap @ £450 for a maisonette (private) with a garden - my wages are & £1,536 after tax, I’m worried they will ask for a guarantor as I don’t have anyone to do that for me, I have heard about council guarantor schemes or paying a company to be your guarantor but I have no idea on that topic.

my ex is willing to surrender the tenancy to me, we were in a 6month contract and It’s up this month so I’m guessing it would go onto a rolling contract - I was renting somewhere before this that was a little more expensive on my own @ £525 a month and I passed all the credit / affordability checks for that property

When I moved into this property the letting already did a full check on me and had a reference from my previous letting agent that I paid my rent and was a good tenant, I really hope I get to stay :frowning:

Sounds like you will be ok there . Surely the landlord will not want the upheaval of finding a new tenant

That sounds very cheap. I would expect the landlord to take the opportunity to increase the rent, possibly by quite a big margin.

There is no option for your co-tenant to surrender the tenancy to you. They would either have to remain a tenant, with all the attendant liabilities, but not live there, or they would have to give notice once the tenancy is periodic and that will apply to you too. You will likely need a new agreement.

I do hope it works out for you though.

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