Tenants split up but both want to keep flat

My two female tenants have had a major bust up. Both want to keep flat on. They’re both phoning me with stories about each other, I’m not sure if any of it is true but one is saying that the other is in debt. I’d be foolish to not be concerned but not sure how true it is ( no ccjs when vetted).
I feel like king Solomon, I’ve asked them to decide among themselves who’s to keep it on.
I really don’t want to get involved in their relationship. I’m not sure what to do next.

Perhaps ask to see six months of bank statements, see who manages there finances best ?

Was just gonnna suggest saying that whoever takes it iver has to go tnrough vetting again before its agreed

Serve a s21 and invite them to apply for a new tenancy.

They may check out alternative accomodation and

  • one may serve notice allowing you to set up a new tenancy or;
  • they make up and decide to stay seeing how difficult alternative accomodation is or;
  • the s21 follows its natural course and you get new tenants at a higher rent.

Never get involved and take a business like approach to the matter. No one can fault a LL for being businesslike but you’ll get it in the neck for choosing sides.

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Thanks all. Good advice.

When one gives notice it ends the tenancy for both of them. Carry out investigation then, to see if either one of them can afford to stay and take on the new tenancy.

It would be a mistake to get involved in this. Almost any intervention you make will re-focus their ire on you, especially serving a s21. Just tell them to sort it out between them and let you know what theyre doing. Youre their landlord not their social worker or judge.

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Thanks David
I’ve been I’ll for last few days so unable to give it full attention but I wasn’t aware that if one gives notice it’s end of tenancy for both.
I need to get well soon I can get my head around all this.
Thank you all so much for valued advice.

The option for one tenant to serve notice to end the tenancy is only available if the tenancy is currently periodic. If its still in a fixed or initial term then their only option is to jointly offer to surrender the tenancy.

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