Stalked by a property guru

Last friday I clicked on a Facebook ad for a free webinar.
Apparently there’s an abundance of landlords desperate to let property & anyone can make a fortune without owning anything, if you know how.
I didn’t get to see the live webinar due to a technical problem with my phone. The next day I got an email from the expert asking what had happened. I got a couple of other email invites including a recording of the webinar that I’d missed.
I watched the first half hour, starting with how he’d given up an executive job to start his property business & spend more time with his family. In fact he’s now earning a fortune & hardly lifts a finger.
When he started talking about how he’d spent thousands of pounds educating himself & how important it is to invest in your education I suddenly lost interest.
I first saw this advert done by Kleeneze about 20 years ago & it’s still being trotted out.
I’ve since had a friends request & message request. I was half expecting to see him parked outside my house when I got home from work :slight_smile:
Anyway I was wondering if anyone had been approached by a wannabe & what the result was.

I dont remember Kleeneze, but when I see stuff like this I think> A… If this is so good why is he not keeping it to himself and making even more money? B. If you have to pay him for his “secret” then that is how he is making his money… Steer clear. If it seems too good to be true… I once asked a millionaire how he made his millions . He said “it is easy you only work half days… and it does not matter what 12 hours of the day you work !”


Cheers Colin, that was my thought. Why would you want to encourage competition if it was such a great investment.
The other thing was he posted a video of himself on holiday advertising his property system so the poor sod couldn’t switch off even when he was away with his family.
Btw the idea is to rent then let on airb&b etc or hmo. Lots of free info on youtube if anyone’s interested


… Apart from most rental contracts don’t allow subletting, so you’d be breaching your tenancy agreement. Not to mention that a normal residential let would likely not comply with HMO rules. So if that is the idea he is selling it is a really bad one!

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From my opinion if anyone wants earn money or make money
1)simple work for someone else to earn money by working regular hours

  1. to make money for living is by working for yourself and do calculated risk, also working hard , do your study and not getting regular hours
    Always try to invest where you can keep eyes on your business.

Nowadays thanks to technology and internet we get all information from home.

We always have to remember that mountains looks nice in distance but to get up there we have to work hard.


I like that point about the mountain. I will remember that.


My parents used to say to us when we were young.

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My view is why would they want to create competition if they were so successful at it. I dipped a toe in this out of curiosity, the follow up emails were relentless. It’s a carefully crafted scheme to empty your pocket. Can’t knock their so called enthusiasm even if it is as fake as Rylans pearly whites.

The info spouted is all available for free if you look for it, not at their £6000 price tag paid for in “happy bite sized easy to manage installments” .

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That’s what I thought. Still getting 2 or 3 emails a week from them :slightly_smiling_face:

Block them or they will keep at it

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If there is no ‘unsubscribe’ facility in their emails, report them to the ICO

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Also getting messenger requests that I’m ignoring.

It’s ok anyone who’s that driven to follow up leads will have a heart attack before long.