Stamp Duty on leasehold second property

I am in the process of buying a leasehold flat as a second property The buying price is £300000 . I looked at the governments website calculator and as it is a second property I though I would have to pay about £11500 stamp duty but my solicitor has quoted me me £14000 . I started the ball rolling in june 2022 . My question is do i have to pay even more stamp duty as its a leasehold property with a lease of 120 years ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Iam no expert but have bought freehold and very long leasehold (999) never heard of paying more for leasehold

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If the lease is being extended then you may pay duty on the cost of the extension if it’s over £40000 I believe.

If not then I do not understand why there would be an additional fees outside of the £11500.

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if there was more to pay surely your solicitor would have told you?

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Hi Mark ,No the lease isnt being extended Ive emailed my solicitor to ask him to explain the £14000 ??? Original quote came from head office so hoping its an error

Google " how much stamp duty will I pay"

additional property comes up as £11500?

Solicitors do make mistakes on stamp duty calculations. It happened to me once. I questioned it and got an “oh yeah, sorry….” response….

Thanks Steve ,fingers crossed ,started wondering if SDLT was vatable but doesnt appear to be

Have you factored in the additional 3% SDLT that you need to pay to own a second home?

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Hi David ,yes something not right will speak to my solicitor in the morning

Spoke to solicitor confirmed had been quoted wrong amount !!! all sorted now but thanks for the help folks