Stamp Duty for moving

Hi All,

Just a few questions on landlord who is moving their only residence home when they have a few BTL properties.

How is Stamp duty paid under this situation: You have your current residence home converting to BTL and you are moving into a new one while you still have a few BTL properties. Is that counted as second home Stamp Duty or just a normal one?

A side question on turning your previous only residence home to a BTL is it as simple as the bank give a 75% loan based on how they value it (assuming it passes rental stress test) and you pay off your residential mortgage with this BTL borrowing if it happened to be the same? Is there any extra cost in doing this e.g. stamp duty again?

Any suggestion helps.

You pay the stamp duty surcharge rate on your new home. It is only exempt if you sell your current home.

There is no stamp duty on your existing property.

what about if you put this existing property into a LTD? how is the property and the Stamp duty valued?

It needs to be done at market value, as there is a mortgage you could use that mortgage valuation and the existing property would then be subject to the stamp duty surcharge. There will be additional fees both initially and ongoing and different tax treatment which for most small landlords isn’t favourable but you should get advice from an accountant based on your circumstances.