Sublet Friendly Landlords

Is it possible to filter out Landlords that allow the tenant to sublet the property?

  1. landlord rents out his 4-bedroom flat to one tenant under tenancy agreement
  2. that tenant then sublets the remaining 3 rooms to subtenants under lodger agreement

Hi @metegultekin23,

We don’t offer that search filter at the moment.

Most landlords will be against subletting, but it is not uncommon for a tenancy agreement to include a clause allowing the tenant to sublet (perhaps with some conditions).

Whether a tenant is allowed to sublet will depend on whether there is a clause in the contract that deals with this issue, and what it says.

If it says you have the right to sublet, then you will be able to sublet. If it says you don’t you won’t be able to without the landlord’s permission. If it says you will need the landlords permission, then you will need the landlord’s permission, etc.

If it says nothing then it depends on the landlord, but they will be able to refuse your request.

Here’s more info:

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your kind answer and the guidance article. It would be very helpful if you could filter out landlords interested in subletting, maybe by adding it into their registration form. Would be glad if you could inform me whether this is a bad idea with relevant arguments.


Hi Sam,

There is an imminent change in the law concerning HMO’s and there is a danger that a property could become a licensable property without knowing it. I believe the new laws state that 5 or more people in 2 households will constitute a licensable HMO. The current rule about the number of floors will go.


Hey Mike - yes more details here for anyone who’s interested!