Surname change on marriage during initial tenancy

My tenants have married each other during the initial 6 month tenancy which is due to expire in early November - as they now have a surname change do I need to amend the tenancy to reflect name change…? If so, how do I go about it…?

Any help appreciated.

Hi Barry,

If you are renewing the contract, then yes you should change the name. If not, then there’s no need.

Is this a Rent Now tenancy?


Thanks Sam, Yes it was set up with OpenRent back in May so the initial 6 months is up in November.

Was thinking of going for a 12 month agreement in November to give both parties peace of mind.

Hi Barry,

I’ve spoken to our team who invite you to be in touch at

Address the email to Maurice.

Essentially, the situation is that our renewals system currently only lets landlords renew with the same tenants, which in 99.9% of cases, means they will have the same names as before!

We’re working hard to build an update where new tenants/guarantors can be added or tenants/guarantors removed.

Remember renewals are free via OpenRent :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replies guys. The married tenants have now signed the 12 month contract but the only way to add new surname was by inserting adding a clause to that effect. I am now informed OpenRent are looking to improve in this area by facilitating name change on marriage etc later this year.

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Glad to get it sorted, Barry! And yes indeed, we’re looking to improve on this as part of plans to expand our renewals options.