Tax Return due date?

Hi everyone, I started renting out private house in May 2019.

Can someone advise me when I need to do a tax return please… is it by this Jan 2020 or next Jan 2021?

either call your accountant or your local tax office and give them your UTR number and they will be able to answer your question.

Are you self employed in your job?

if that is your only extra income then by Jan 2021 unless HMRC sent you a demand earlier - for example if you were self employed or had an income over 100k.

Thats correct I am S E so a decent amount of time to declare

Thanks for replies, plenty of time yet then.

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Janice2 Join a landlords association , its tax deductable, rent thru openrent and you wont go far wrong… Keep all receipts to do with your property i find a page a day diary very usefull. Keep a list of good contact tradesmen

Hi Colin3

I do keep all receipts and am compiling good tradesmen (God they’re hard to find!) but can you tell me more about this Landlord’s association.please and how does it qualify for tax deduction? Is that just the subscription or the rental income that is deductible? And how do I join ?

rental is never tax exempt The NLA fee is tax deducable. Free meetings to update us and free advice on the phone. Google in “NLA” they will explain how you join. You can down load a tenents agreement off their website free as a member

Thanks Colin, will look into that

Hi Janice

Firstly, songratulations on becoming a landlord.

If you are not filing tax retunrs with HMRC, 1st thing to do would be to call HMRC self assessment helpline on 0300 200 3310 and register yourself for filing tax return.

As you have started letting property from Jan 2020, it falls within tax year 2019/20 and the first return is due for filing by or before the 31/01/2021 (if filing electronically) and by 31/10/2020 (if filing by paper).

I would suggest, not to leave until the end of the year to file a return as you would like to know what your tax bill is, well before the deadline so that you can start saving-up.

There has been lots of changes in allowable expenses for rental property, mortgage interest deductions restriction, etc. so it would be best to have an professional advisor to assist you on this.

I hope the above assists, if you need further help, do not hesitate to drop a reply.

All the best.


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