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My tenants will have been paying rent all of the current financial year. I am the landlord of a property jointly owned with my wife. We currently are on PAYE and generally don’t receive a tax return to complete. I understand I need to register for tax purposes by 6/10/22 in order to trigger a form to complete. Is this just my tax liability or can it be shared between us. Any other advice gratefully appreciated

The income normally goes with ownership so your wife will be assumed to be receiving half the rent for tax purposes unless you change this. So yes. You can each complete a tax return for half the income.


It may be worth hiring an accountant for this first year. Individuals can miss out on things they’re eligible for and end up over paying, and an accountant will help you understand the best way to file this.

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Some info from HMRC here… Work out your rental income when you let property - GOV.UK

They also run webinars…


Listen to Cath, it’s her job I believe.

If your property is jointly owned, you half all income and expenses.

If you have renovated the property , all like for like renovations can be jointly claimed vv rent, all renovations enhancing the property are kept and claimed against CG when you sell. Eg if you. Replace a kitchen and enhance it, only the replacement can be claimed against your annual rental income.

All landlords must submit annual returns even if you make a loss and losses can be carried forward up-to 4 years. See the IR uses.

It might help you to join the NLA

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On a jointly owned flat we let out, we divide the rental income and expenses by 2 and each submit our net share of income in separate self-assessment submissions. Also I keep a spreadsheet of costs and dates as it’s easy to forget expenses come the day. Don’t forget to claim mileage for letting-related trips. I think the current rate is 45p/mile.

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