What can I claim through my Self Assessment Expenses as a Landlord

Hi there, I ow have a few BTL property and wondered what can I process through as expenses relating to these properties? I understand about utilities and purchases relating to the upkeep of the properties but what about cleaning fees, mobile phone, car allowance, mileage etc.

I have always used an accountant

Anything “wholly and exclusively” for the letting business… PIM1900 - Property Income Manual - HMRC internal manual - GOV.UK

Note: interest is not tax deductible. You get a credit at 20%, but your income for the 40% tax threshold and things like child benefit, student finance etc is the profit before the interest credit.

Cleaning: Yes if it is for a rental property
Mobile phone: either actual call costs of you are on PAYG or a proportion of the monthly contract if you genuinely use it for the rental business (likely to be little unless you have a lot of properties/HMO or a phone you only use for your rental properties)
You can claim mileage at 45p per mile for property related trips.

HMRC run webinars for landlords. I would recommend getting yourself on one, or watching one of the recorded ones… Help and support for landlords - GOV.UK

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The Tax Cafe book is often recommended.