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Anybody have recommendations for tax software, been using spreadsheets for a number of years and should get into 21st century!

Hello @Jason-egan1

when you say you have been using spreadsheets for a while, i take it as you do all your book keeping using spreadsheet. At the end of the tax year, you get your total expenses and total income. I believe you would then do your self assessment gov website or ask an accountant to do it for you.

if the above assumption is correct, i think you may benefit using Landlord vision. have been using the software for few years now. it keeps track of your bookkeeping. at the end of the tax year, you would be able to generate the SA105 report that you can easily plug in your self assessment returns. Also assuming you don’t have any other full time job, you would be able to use the “making tax digital” MTD feature within the software.

i don’t work for landlordvision. I am not advertising them. I use them and have been paying for the software. however if you want to give it a try, please use my referal link - this will give you 3months free and give me a discount in my 2 months subscription

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there is another software called Landlord. I haven’t tried that before but i think this works best for me

if what you are looking for is a software that does your returns for you automatically, you may try

i have demo with the software but haven’t used them because i have learned to do mine myself. I do not have complex tax situation, with the SA105 report i get from LV, the gov self assessment is a click through for me.

hope you find those usefl

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