I Need Advice on Software

Hi… I’m going to have to use software in the New Year to keep tabs on accounts for my rental portfolio and keep dates for gas checks etc. .
Can landlords please let me know what they use please, I’m looking for some guidance please.

Excel and Outlook should do it unless you have a portfolio of 20+ properties.

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Google Docs also has a spreadsheet software although I don’t know if it’s as secure.

You can also schedule gas checks into google calendar and outlook calendar for reminders.

I use Excel at the moment. I have used a free book keeping system called Bokio which I have found useful for my husbands business but not sure if it will be the right one for properties so would welcome any suggestions from other landlords as to what they use.

Thank you all for your suggestions. It means I don’t have to buy expensive software.

There is a management company called Arula who have free secure software for landlords if number of properties do not exceed three.

If you own 4-50 properties it’s a £1.00 pm charge.

Thank you MR T I will look into this.

You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive software in order to use it. If you have a business account with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank, you can use “Free” Agent indeed for free. If you don’t - you can open an account with Mettle (a NatWest owned) online using the app. It took me like five minutes to open an account and get FreeAgent for free as a result. I’m not affiliated with any of the above in any way, just like using good functional software for free.

I started using free agent this week, takes a bit of sussing out but there helpline is second to none, one thing is it doesn’t do a sa105 self assessment for landlords. But I been using it happily.
Another I’ve been using is Apari, very good but you have to download a csv file or manually add transactions at moment they have said it won’t be long before you can tho.

The thing about all the landlord software I’ve seen is not so much the cost, its that fact that you have to spend half your life feeding it with data in order to get anything useful out.