Tenancy help with

Hi. I have signed a contract from march till september. 6 months. It states this notice may not expire before the end of the 12 months of the tenancy? Would i be able to give my notice in july?

It sounds like the landlord has used a standard template for a 12 month tenancy but has not altered the notice clause to match the term you’ve been given.

What does the rest of the notice clause say?

What does the agreement say happens at the end of the fixed term? Does it for example say that this becomes a Contractual Periodic Tenancy?

In our conversation it says its a 6 month renewable contract. But in break clause it states either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement no less than two months advance written notice in case of the tenant such notice will be effective if sent by recorded delivery or email this notice may not expire before the end of the first 12 months of the tenancy. I think their is a error because its a 6 months term. Could i get rejected if i hand in my notice in july because of this error thanks again

It doesnt say it will be come a periodic tenancy after

The error is on behalf of the estate agent
I would ask them to ammend the contract and sign a new one

Ok i will do thanks no problem

If it doesn’t say that it will become a periodic tenancy after the end of the fixed term, then you would be entitled to leave at the end of that term without notice. Its courtesy of give some notice of course.