Tenancy issued after deposit?

Do I get my tenancy agreement after I send deposit over?

Usually you can see the agreement/lease before sending the deposit. I’ve always signed my lease at the same time as doing the deposit and first rental payment. I know that timing can be a little weird with covid and doing more online.

I wouldn’t send a deposit until after I’ve seen the lease.

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I understand like when is it issued for me to use to show I’m moving there etc

I’ve always signed the lease at the same time as I put down the deposit and first rental payment.

That can be on move in day or before it, the details are between you and your landlord.

It is reasonable for the landlord to ask for a “holding deposit” for you to demonstrate your genuine interest in moving in, while references are being taken up and the tenancy agreement drafted for you to sign. While this is happening the landlord will stop marketing the property and showing other people round.

It is only likely to be the equivalent of 1 week’s rent which will subsequently either form part of the general tenant’s deposit (of say 4-6 weeks’ rent) or be put towards the initial rent period.

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Have paid deposit or a holding fee? if paid deposit you should have had the agreement.

Yes absolutely! There are too many time wasters. This show your seriousness of renting the property and as you have said to take it off the market. So not sure what your question is you have all the facts.

All the comments above have it completely wrong so all but one opinion isn’t valid move in date is 29th JANUARY landlord isn’t fussed when money is sent over I wanted to know if it was a good idea to send me parts as I get paid frequently partially over until the 29th as I have it instead of waiting until that date

No it’s not a good idea. There, I’ve answered your question.

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If someone offered to send me money without a legal agreement that I owed then anything in return- yeah I’d say yes to that.

Without a tenancy agreement you shouldn’t send the deposit. Because without a tenancy agreement it isn’t a deposit it’s a gift.

We already have agreement tenancy is already been signed move in date is the 29th
Holding deposit was paid ages ago references were fine landlord just isn’t fussed about money until 29th January just wanted to know if sending earlier was a good idea

I was also asking when is the tenancy issued but as I have made payments now I have it so thanks

You never said you got the tenancy agreement,this thread literally existed to ask when you get it.