When do i pay holding deposit?

do I pay holding deposit before my viewing or after?
I’m really interested in renting a property, looks good on pictures, pretty sure I will take it, can I pay deposit now even though the landlord made no contact yet since my viewing request?
what if I pay and he doesn’t make any contact ever? I just want him/her know that I am really keen to get this flat.


Hi Simona, You should only place a holding deposit via the Rent Now button once you have the landlord’s permission to do so.

The landlord will probably want to meet you at the viewing — and it’s best practice for you to view the property before placing the holding deposit. It may not be as good as the images suggest!

You’re able to message the landlord ahead of the viewing, so if you wish to let the landlord know you are seriously interested in the property then you can message them and maybe ask them if there’s anything they’d like to know about you and any other co-tenants in advance of the viewing.

I understand OR hold the deposit and give it back to you in 5 days , as a L I can tell you I never see those holding deposit paid into OR , the previous poster is right though you should not really pay the holding deposit without asking the L first , he may have criteria like minimum income, pets , dss, references and so on and if you don’t tick those boxes then its just a waste of your time

An update on this old post – it is now not possible to place a holding deposit without the landlord’s consent. Landlords are messaged if a tenant wishes to place a deposit and the landlord can either allow them to place a holding deposit or reject their request to do so.