Tenancy 'surrender'

Hi All,

I had some frustrations with Openrent’s customer service and I decided to take the tenancy out of Openrent after both me and the tenant signing the contrat. The tenant is very happy with this and has already paid deposit and first month’s rent directly to me.

However, open rent still holds a small amount of the deposit from the tenant, which I am trying to have it refunded with no avail so far.

Openrent recommends that I should surrender the tenancy. Obviously, I am not going to do that as the tenancy is proceeding as normal.

Any advice what should be done?



Thanks for your message and sorry to hear of your frustration.

When you use our Rent Now service, the AST we provide specifically states how the rent and deposit will be treated. For reference you can see our sample AST here:


The agreement states that OpenRent will handle these funds and how OpenRent will protect the deposit.

If you deviate from this process and no longer wish to complete Rent Now, we require you to surrender the tenancy so that there isn’t a conflict with any other agreement you have made off platform.

We have made the process to cancel Rent Now as simple as possible and I am please to see that you have now completed this and were able to proceed directly with the tenant as you wished.

Kind regards,