Tenant affordability

Hi - This is the first time I’ve used openrent as a Landlord and have a question - what percentage of the household income would be classed as affordable to pay the rent. ie if my property is £575.00 per month not including bills what should their income be to be able to pay this? Hope this makes sense.

A common rule of thumb is having a net income of at least three times the rent.

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Hi Tracey, if you are using our referencing report partner, Rentguard, then tenants must earn around 35% of the rent in order to pass the affordability checks.


unfortunately you dont know how much their outgoings are e g payments on a car . payments for children, divorce bills, childcare. , there s allsorts

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If in doubt always take out Rent guarantee - there will be a lot of people being made unemployed over the coming year so we have done this for most of our existing tenants