Affordability check what multiple used

hi there,
I would like to understand what income to rent multiple does the Open rent affordability check use for tenant referencing? is it 2 or 2.5 times Net income or Gross income? I want to be able to filter out people who will fail the check up front

Hi Wendy, the rent must be less than 40% of the tenant’s gross income.


This is interesting. So if someone takes home £2500 a month, they can’t rent a place that costs £900?!

Hi, thanks for your question here. My reply in March should have said ‘gross pay’, not ‘takehome pay’. I have now corrected this. Thanks for pointing it out.

Note that it is never the case that people failing referencing will be stopped by OpenRent from renting properties. It is the landlord’s decision who to let to, and referencing is just one part of deciding which tenant is best. We have good guidance on letting to tenants who fail referencing.