Tenant asked to end a contract

Hi everyone I’m in need of an advice my tenant has asked to end the contract after 3 months, on my tenancy agreement stating she is responsible to pay rent for the entire agreement which is 12 months. This tenant receives benefit and the government have been payment direct to me also she told me that her sister who is her guarantor is moving far I guess she points out this in case I ask for a guarantor to pay the rent

  • I’m thinking to accept on the terms that she will need to pay rent until I find a new tenant move into the property

The law is on your side
You can claim whatever you want the full rent of the AST or rent until you find another tenant or a months rent and deposit and call it a day or nothing at all
What is the tenant like
How much of a headache will it be

Guarantor moving does not negate her responsibility

Just make sure you have a signed deed of surrender( search the threads and it is detailed in previous posts )

Thank you for your response I am ok to end when I find a new tenant speaking about the tenant she was seems ok but we never knows what is happening on other people’s lives

This is my first project and so far am learning a lot

I think that’s a sensible approach Marta.

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